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How to unhide folders in windows 10: Find the hidden files

With advanced technology, all-around people, computers, and devices have also become a little complicated, and many people face several problems. The computer has many files, and at a time, some folders stay hidden, and it becomes impossible for people to find them no matter how much they look for it. Windows 10 can be a complicated setting for many users as it can be quite complicated and new for many people. At times people’s files stay unhidden, and people failed to get access to it; however, there are ways where people can find the hidden files in their windows 10.

When people want to view hidden files from their window 10, it is a simple process. There are many steps or methods as How to unhide folders in windows 10. People can always change the setting of the computer and can change the way people use it. The hidden folders in people’s computers are hidden, but people can easily view the hidden files from their windows 10 with simple options. At times people require to use the hidden folders to perform some tasks. So people can use and make all the hidden folders visible in their files.

People can use the control panel and figure out How to unhide folders in windows 10. The control panel can change the computer settings, and people can easily use it to show hidden files visible on their windows 10 computers. People can find the control panel in the search box. Open the icon, and people will get access to file explorer options.

People can change their hidden folders on their how to show hidden files windows 10 computers and make any changes by changing the settings. People who face such problems and have no ideas for the first time need not worry. They can find a solution on How to unhide folders in windows 10 and see what they need to view hidden folders.

All people need is to open the folder on their computer screen and launch the file explorer. Once people click on the view tab, there’s a hidden items alternative. Thus, by clicking on it, people can quickly select and view the hidden folders available on people’s computers. People also have the option to move the hidden folder into another folder.


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